About Us

Our Mission

Zeal's mission is to make every company a great place to work.
Every company wants a thriving corporate culture but many are unclear on how to cultivate or even measure it. Since a company’s culture is defined by the behavior and happiness of its employees, it is critical that management teams have an accurate read on their employees’ morale.


At Zeal, we come to work every day to address the biggest challenge facing companies and their employees: creating a positive environment where people can succeed. Zeal was born out of our frustration with today's typical company culture and our desire to share the empowering effects a great culture can have on you and your organization. With a good culture comes motivation, engagement, and better relationships.

No matter what business you are in, you need to be able to accurately monitor the health of your organizational culture. That’s why we at Zeal provide you with the tools to read and interpret the vital signs of your team's morale, to ensure they are focused on making your company great.

The Team

Mark Somol


Mark is passionate about creating a positive impact on people’s working lives. He co-founded Zeal with the goal helping customers create the kind of working environment and culture where their employees can thrive and succeed. After seven years of running technology companies, ten years as a venture capitalist and over twenty years leading and managing people, Mark has learned how to motivate, engage and cultivate loyal teams of people. He earned a BA in Economics at Stanford and MBA at The Wharton School.

Matthew Ernewein


An avid key smasher since the 70s, Matthew has well over twenty years of professional experience in the Software Industry. His work as a leader of technologists and builder of high performance teams at startups and large companies led to a passion for empowering individuals to create positive work cultures. He co-founded Zeal to channel a solution for that passion. A veteran of of the HR Software industry, he has over a decade of software architectural and direct implementation experience with both Enterprise and SaaS solutions for employee related domains. He earned a Masters of Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Katharina Alshafie

Director of Operations

Katharina runs customer success, marketing and operations for Zeal. She is an experienced talent management professional with a passion for building a stellar culture in which employees can thrive and succeed. Prior to Zeal, Katharina served as Director of People Strategy at Percussion where she led Percussion's culture and strategic people initiatives. Before joining Percussion, Katharina managed HR at various small tech companies including ViewDo Labs, Axceler and Unitrends Software. Katharina received her BA in Finance, Economics and HR from Eastern Washington University and is bilingual in German and English.

Brennan VanderLaan

Cloud Infrastructure and Software Engineer

Brennan manages and deploys cloud resources, devloping a flexible and highly scalable base infrastructure that allows products to respond to customer needs as they arise. Brennan earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire with a focus on applied networking.

Our Product

Zeal provides companies with a suite of leading edge culture tools with the goal of building great organizational culture.

We take pride in our work developing conversational artificial intelligence in a massively scalable cloud environment. Together we build and deliver tools that every organization needs to kick start, track, and analyze their culture.