Zeal Product Update #1

zeal update
Welcome to the beginning of our product update blogs. As we make major enhancements to our product and Ava, we will post them here. We are excited to share these updates with you!

Team Zeal would like to introduce Update #1 to Ava! Just in time for the new year. We have been busy listening to your feedback and developing new ways for you to build better engagement in your company. So lets get down to it! Here are the highlights:


Questionnaires are now available to suit your “in the moment question” needs! You can create a questionnaire and send it out to everyone or to a specific tag group. You can find questionnaires in the Zeal dashboard or by asking Ava: “Ava home” and navigating to the questionnaires tab.


Questionnaires also provide some handy visuals to display the results of your questions.  Give it a try, we like using it to ask everyone what they would like for lunch!




We have listened to your feedback about understanding where your company stands. We bring to you averages of our entire customer base so you can see how you stack up. You can find these averages on the Zeal dashboard homepage, within the cards for each of the five categories we measures. As a reminder, you can see the dashboard by asking “Ava dashboard” or “Ava home”.



We have made Ava much more reliable and increased her performance. You will see an increase in speed while conversing with her.

Holiday Questions:

Over the holidays Ava asked for some open feedback. This is the start of a new feature being tested that will allow us to push reports and data to you when it needs your attention.


Team Zeal wishes you a happy new year and we hope you enjoy Ava’s new updates.



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