Chatbots – Notes on the Landscape Ahead

There has been much discussion around the conversational interface as the next runtime.  Currently, there are pockets of innovation scattered throughout the tech industry.  At Zeal we are currently focused on the “bot” extension of this runtime paradigm, specifically in developing our chatbot Ava.  We strive to create an efficient, and highly usable method of[…]


Total Commitment without Ego

With the presidential conventions just past and the Olympics starting last weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about confidence versus ego. There are plenty of politicians and athletes with enormous egos. It makes me wonder if leaders and public figures have to be egotistical to be successful. Where is the line between admirable self-confidence and ugly[…]

leverage their strengths

Leverage their Strengths: Position Employees for Success

This weekend I introduced my daughters to Apollo 13, the Tom Hank’s film telling the story of the fated 1970 mission to the moon.  Two days and 205,000 miles from earth, an oxygen tank exploded, crippling the spacecraft, turning the ship’s interior frigid, draining the potable water supply and destroying the carbon monoxide removal system.  My[…]


The Inspiration and Ideals of the Wright Brothers

I just finished reading David McCullough’s book on the Wright brothers. What an amazing story of invention, perseverance and inspiration in a time of great leaps forward. Everything they accomplished was done with far fewer resources than we have today. And one simple idea gave them the inspiration to power them through daily challenges and terrible[…]