Zeal Product Update #2

Apple mac computer with writing on the screenWe are excited to launch new product features covering popular requests and feedback from all of you! We have had a very busy summer, so hang onto your hats and read on!


New “Summary” command in Slack

For the always-on-the-go types, we’ve added a new summary report in Slack, which provides some details that you would otherwise have to view in the web UI.

In a direct message with Ava, type the command “summary”. Now you can see high-level metrics as well as the most recent feedback you have received, all within Slack!

zeal ava AI new slack command sreenshot

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis has been a very popular request. You have asked us to make it easier to interpret feedback from your teams… and we have!

We now provide several visual representations of sentiment, based on a positive/negative interpretation of the feedback. Our goal is for you to be able to quickly scan feedback to understand how your team is doing, particularly when you have a large number of responses.

At the top of the feedback page, you will now see three charts: a trend, an overall view and sentiment results by each culture pillar. The trend chart on the left is summarized by month, so it will be more valuable as Ava gathers more information from your team.

zeal sentiment trend chart screenshot

The two additional charts provide an overall picture of sentiment and a stacked bar chart that shows the sentiment by culture pillar. See below for screenshots of two of the new charts:

zeal sentiment by pillar screenshot


zeal reports - sentiment screenshot


Each piece of feedback is very important, so we still provide the list of actual feedback at the bottom of the page, similar to what you have seen in the past.

We will be adding capabilities to the feedback and continuing to train our sentiment analysis. Stay tuned!


New and Improved Reports Page!

The Reports are your one-stop page for evaluating each culture pillar that we measure. The report page now shows the trend chart you are used to seeing, a new score distribution chart, sentiment analysis summary and feedback. 

Score distribution chart is now easier to read and in color, so you can quickly see the range of scores that your team is responding with.

zeal reports - score distribution screenshot

We have also included the sentiment analysis distribution for each individual culture pillar, so you can quickly see how your team is doing. The chart is similar to the feedback sentiment pie chart above

Finally, we have summarized the most recent employee feedback at the bottom of the report page. That feedback list includes only the feedback for the specific report you are viewing. For example, for your Morale report, at the bottom, you will see employee feedback for only the questions pertaining to Morale.


Enhanced UI

You asked and we listened. You now have tag group switching and date ranges on all the pages now, including the main dashboard page.

For example, on Ava’s home page, you can now see your overall results by tag group! And, you have more granular control over the date range you choose, so you can view any time period, as opposed to the 7-, 30-, and 90-day ranges in previous versions.

zeal dashboard home page screenshot

There are more updates…too many to list in this one blog post!

We hope you continue enjoying your time with Ava and our product. You can send us any comments, feedback or issues via the chat on the lower right-hand corner of this page, or via email: support@zeal.technology

Thanks for using Zeal!

The Zeal Team

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