Three High-Level Themes For CEOs

three men speaking at an event
“It’s lonely at the top.” How many times have you heard that phrase? For many leaders and CEOs, it feels very lonely holding the top leadership position in an organization. Thankfully, you are not alone. Paradox? No! What I heard at Underscore VC’s CEO Roundtable is that the company we seek is that of our peers, those who hold similar levels of responsibility and accountability, with whom we can share our challenges and seek advice.


The three most salient elements of our roundtable discussion at the recent Core Summit are outlined below, with full credit to all the participants who freely shared their ideas and insights.
  1. Don’t solve your investor problems at the expense of customer experience.
  2. To get the most out of a mentorship relationship, you need to be vulnerable.
  3. Stay attuned to your “why”…your purpose…the meaning behind why you started the company in the first place and why you believe so strongly in what you are doing.
You can read this full blog post at Underscore VC’s blog.


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