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5 Ways We Help You Measure Your Company Culture

Does your organizational culture motivate employees? When you see your Zeal dashboard, one of the first things you will see is a set of five boxes containing the following words: morale, relationships, autonomy, mastery and purpose. At Zeal, we measure your company’s scores in each of these categories through the series of 32 questions that[…]

Trust, anonymity, transparency.

Our Philosophy on Trust, Anonymity, and Transparency

Building trust with employees is critical to receiving honest and constructive feedback from them. How does Zeal help build trust, especially when our product includes an artificial intelligence that communicates with employees? We ensure that all feedback and metrics are delivered with anonymity. Further, high-level dashboards and metrics are viewable by any employee who uses[…]

Market Basket employee protester making a really important point. Source: Market Basket

Your Customers Know If Your Employees Are Engaged – Why You Should Care

A few years ago, Market Basket experienced the kind of nightmare that very few companies ever see. A family feud between cousins ousted the CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, who was loved by his employees. Many people in the Northeast remember the story. Market Basket employees loved Arthur, because he was known to remember employees’ birthdays[…]

Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally On Creating a Motivated Organizational Culture 

At a recent Vistage Executive Summit, I had the tremendous fortune of seeing Alan Mulally speak. He is well-known for having turned Ford around, from a company that made average cars across a variety of brands, such as Land Rover, Aston Martin, Volvo Mazda and others, to a single-brand focused company that made high quality cars[…]