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Meet Ava

Ava is a chatbot who directly interacts with your team to understand how they are doing. She will analyze your company culture providing real-time information and insights on the health of your organization.


Ava will check in with you on a customizable schedule throughout your work week. She asks specific and open ended questions to understand you better, always keeping your responses anonymous.

Conversational and Feedback

Ava enjoys a good conversation! You can chat with her at any time, about anything. She can also take into account feedback you want to provide to your organization. Simply tell her something like "Ava feedback my company's vision is not clear to me."

No More Guess Work

Ava tracks and analyzes your organizational culture and provides you with a comprehensive report via her dashboard. This allows you to visualize what is really going on in your company.

Culture Analytics

Ava provides in depth analytics and diagnostics bringing visibility into your organization's culture. She provides reports and benchmarks tracking your organization's progress in real-time. Make sure all voices are heard with her feedback report. You can ask her for the dashboard at any time by saying "Ava report". She automatically authenticates you to your dashboard, no username or password needed. Here at Zeal we use Ava to improve our culture everyday. We know you will too!

With Zeal you can:


People want to work for companies with great cultures that care. Attract great people by becoming a great place to work.


A great company culture can improve low morale and reduce employee turnover. Retain your team by understanding and measuring how they are doing on real-time basis.


Companies with highly engaged or satisfied employees have happier customers, ultimately leading to higher sales and profitability.

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